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TheGalleryOCT Round 5 Cover FINAL by Sakura-wind
0. Real World


    Outside the door, where the demons hid before entering the gallery, those hunters returned but with a special device, a special tracker that would react to anything demonic. It would blink only once every five seconds if there was no presence but, as it got closer to that door. 





            The hunters found what they were looking for and they were close. They began to converse with one another.

“Sir! The radar is getting a signal.”

“Sounds like it’s coming from beyond that door.”

“Ready your arsenals, men. We might have found him.”

1. Early Bird


    While in the Gallery, the ringleader of the tournament loomed over a blank canvas, waiting for the next match to start. 

    “Everything is going as planned, so far. After this, the real fun will begin…” cackled the conniving feline.

    The giant snake cat heard shrieks grow louder, close to the room. Noname looked up at the ceiling and waited. A part of it warped open and two figures dropped down. They managed to land on their feet without much trouble.     

    Noname smirked, “Well, that’s two down. Next, the demon…sssssssss.”

2. No Stalling


    Meanwhile, Nova was floating in one of the Gallery’s corridors, guiding Seth to his final destination. She also had Mr. Snugglewum tag along. She asked if the panda could help her monitor Seth until they get to the next room. Well, that was her supposed reason.  As they were traveling, they began whispering to each other. 

            “You think we’re there yet?” Snuggelum asked.

            “Umm…no… just need to pass a few more doors.” Nova responded. “What’s he doing?”

            The panda replied, “Nothing, really. Is he always quiet and scary looking?”

            Nova began to quiver in fear and nodded. “I think so... Just don’t say anything to make him angry… I don’t want him to… you know…”

            “I hear ya~” Snugglewum responded. Then there was a short pause until he asked again, “Are we there yet?”

            “Not yet…” She answered before letting out a huge sigh in slight annoyance.

      Behind them, Seth was fiddling within his hood. The stitches shutting his right eye began to irritate him. He would occasionally tug or twist the thread. He mumbled why it was starting to hurt. Then he heard his friend whispering in his cloak. 

            “Perhaps, I can have a look?” Balthazar suggested. With Seth’s permission, He quickly examined the stitches. After poking around, Balthazar noticed something significant. He asked, “Seth. You remember that tall gray man from our earlier match, correct?”

    “Yes?” Seth responded.

    “I found you looking like him and your wounds were healing up. Perhaps this has healed as well.” Balthazar supposed.

    “So you’re saying-” Seth quickly cut himself short and postponed the conversation after he got wind of something. Ominous groaning echoes from afar. He turned to that direction but being nearsighted, he couldn’t find it.  He then heard a door-opening close by and reverted his attention to where the monitors were and saw his next destination.

     “Umm… We’re here.”  Nova muttered as she was hovering in a corner. She then turned her head to Seth and nervously instructed him to proceed inside.

    Seth approached and noticed something off about what was beyond the entrance. It was black. He couldn’t see anything. He quietly asked for assistance from Balthazar. But then, the ominous voice returned again, only it was closer.

You shouldn’t keep everyone waiting!

    Then before Seth could turn around, something forcefully shoved him into the entrance.  Seth couldn’t feel the floor and began to descend into the darkness.  One of Balthazar’s eyes peeped and caught a glimpse of the culprit. He spotted a thin pair of pale hands. But what was behind those hands, he was disturbed when he found out. They belonged to a dried up corpse with a head of a mongrel cackling at the fallen competitor. The skeleton then shut the door and began giggling to tell its master the news. 

The Gallery Round 5 Finale p.1
still more to come, hopefully 

part 2

NoName and Canine guy? belong to Sporeture
Seth and Balthazar belong to Sakura-wind
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The game is finally out today,
I like to stream it when I'm done with stuff ;w;
FNAF Freddy Fazbear by Sakura-wind
FNAF Freddy Fazbear
I had been sketching FNAF and I have been wanting to post up Human Five Nights at Freddy's related stuff.
Tagged by I-Need-Bacon 


Use to randomize 23 of your friends for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well! Of course, you don't have to if you don't wanna.

1. Leader:icondeadsalesman:
2. Sidekick :iconralphbear: 
3. Medic :iconshinycakes: 
4. Brain :iconbigbadshadowman:
5. Sniper :iconkoarumazaki: 
6. Driver :iconmichaeljlarson: 
7. Gatherer :iconaxisara: 
8. Jock :iconbritishdweeb: 
9. Cheerleader :iconshadowring123: 
10. The one who goes crazy :iconjzork: 
11. The one who yells vulgarities at the zombies :iconsakura-wind: 
12. The gun bunny :iconitsmesb: 
13. The one we can’t trust with molotov cocktails :iconvvincentt: 
14. The one who dies first :iconsilverfox607: 
15. The token hot chick :iconwittlebanzaitree: 
16. The token hot guy :iconsilverdrifter42: 
17. The one who gets bit and doesn’t tell anyone :iconmiss-sheepy: 
18. The immune :iconguiding-heart: 
19. Mascot :icongrey-walker: 
20. Redneck :iconstrikeslash: 
21. Stoner :icong00st543: 
22. Soldier :iconfortner: 
23. The gamer who thinks they know how to survive the apocalypse :iconi-need-bacon: 

I Tag no one... Whoever wants to do it, go ahead 8D
Caddoc Hug by Sakura-wind
Caddoc Hug
Miss-Sheepy and I had collaborated on this comic while we were working on the RegicideOCT 

She did the sketch and shading while I did the lines and background effects

Amethyst and Caddoc belong to SilverDrifter42 

Adelaide belongs to Miss-Sheepy 

The random woman in the middle is just a random woman


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